Canine Love's products are proudly produced and handcrafted in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 


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Founder of Canine Love, Shannon Coppins, earned her Bachelor's of Fashion Design degree at Ryerson University and received the Alfred Sung Award of Excellence in Apparel Production for her craftsmanship and talents. ​


Shannon has cared about and loved animals for as long as she can remember. At the age of ten, Shannon started a pet-sitting business that made her very popular in her neighbourhood and helped pay for a lot of Beanie Babies. In high school, Shannon worked at a local veterinarian clinic as an Animal Care Assistant. She grew up with two dogs, a purebred German Shepherd, and a German Shepherd mix that her family adopted from a local animal shelter. She also took horse back riding lessons and competed in equestrian shows for many years, and continues to go on trail rides with her husband any chance she gets (photo on the right was taken on a 3 hour trail ride in Banff, Alberta).


Shannon and her husband recently rescued a 3-legged, 4 year old brown tabby cat, which made Shannon think about the shelters who find these cats/dogs, rehabilitate them, foster them, and eventually adopt them out to a perfectly matched family to give these vulnerable creatures a second chance at a life. Shannon started researching more about dog and cat rescue shelters and found that most are funded by donations and run by volunteers (people passionate about animals and care about them, just like her). Then she realized that there was something she could do, something that could make a big difference and help support these rescue shelters by raising money so that they can continue doing the courageous work they do...

Canine Love was born!